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Directional drilling

Directional drilling is a technique that changes forcefully the position of the borehole. It uses special tools that helps the hole stays on track and within the planned trajectory. Directional drilling can be used to keep a hole straight (both vertical or inclined), to navigate a hole to its target, to reach multiple targets from one parent hole (multilateral drilling), or to bypass lost downhole equipment.

CWT system developed by BG Drilling Solutions is the perfect tool for short wedge-like deviations obtaining desired results. It’s a non coring tool suitable for N and B-size holes, without any depth limitation (>2500m). Robust and reliable tool that is driven by the rotation and feed of the drill rods and doesn’t depend on the water pressure or water flow in order to operate.

How it works

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Project scope

We need to understand what you are trying to achieve. Send us your project scope, with project description, including collar coordinates, collar azimuth and dip, target coordinates. If you don’t have a project scope ready yet use our feasibility form to help you through.

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Feasibility report

Based on the data provided we will create a directional drilling(DD) plan including depths, lengths, and severity of the CWT interventions. We will include that in one feasibility report that also includes estimated timing, saved meters, other possible scenarios, and conclusion whether DD can be beneficial for your project. We prepare that report for free, without any commitment on your side.


Commercial offer

BG Drilling claims to have the lowest prices on the market. We will prepare our best commercial offer, with detailed explanation on the price structure and the T&C. We don’t charge for spare parts and drill bits and we don’t have hidden costs.


Free Demo

If you are still not sure whether you will benefit by using DD or if our CWT technology is suitable to you project, BG Drilling can do a free demo. This way both you and BG Drilling will know better whether it’s worthwhile going further.



Whether you call us for demo or start the actual work, we will proceed with mobilization of our CWT and manpower. The CWT equipment is packed in 4 boxes of 70 kg each. The CWT is always operated by our trained operators, who are drilling engineers.



The CWT is a non-coring technology and executes short deviations with short section of coring with the regular core barrel in between. Depending on the DD plan our team will execute one or series of CWT deviations until the borehole is aligned with the target position.



When the borehole is back on track and the standard wireline drilling resumes our team will be monitoring closely the borehole behaviour with follow-up surveys. We will advise on the best core barrel configuration and drilling parameters in order to avoid or minimize any unpredicted CWT interventions until the borehole is completed.

Santander mine, Peru - Trevali mining Corp
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Directional drilling

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