About us

Affordable directional drilling solutions

BG Drilling Solutions is an international directional drilling service provider working for the mining and mineral exploration industries. BG Drilling’s aim is to make directional drilling services affordable, reliable, and suitable for any project.

BG Drilling has been in active operation since 2012 and currently has representation in Europe, South and North America, and Africa.

BG Drilling’s experience in evaluating and planning directional drilling boreholes is unmatched in the industry and its borehole-navigation system, CWT has proved its reliability and rigidness on various projects worldwide.

Our team

BG Drilling

Shteryo Lyomov, PhD


Mr. Lyomov is the founder of BG Drilling Solutions and its president. His professional R&D interests are bottom-hole tools, directional drilling technology, drilling fluids, and cement slurries. He spent eight years at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology as a researcher and lecturer. Mr. Lyomov is also an associate professor at the drilling department of Mining and Geology University in Sofia, Bulgaria. He holds a PhD in drilling engineering.

Grigor Topev, MSc

Managing Director

Mr. Topev is co-founder of BG Drilling Solutions and its managing director. His involvement in many international directional drilling projects over the past 15 years has brought his drilling expertise to the highest level. He holds a master’s degree in drilling engineering. Mr. Topev is also the founder and chief editor of Coring magazine. Motivated by his passion for the industry, he established the magazine in 2015 to foster the exchange of knowledge and expertise across the international diamond drilling community.

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